Neon Jacket

A fun fact about this drawing is that it was inspired by a dude I saw at SuperDry in the Century City Mall. He was trying on this neon jacket and I was like, dang I want that jacket but then it was pretty expensive and they didn't have any in my size. So to get that itch out, I drew this instead. I'm a big fan of puffy jackets, which I don't think my wife is that stoked on. But trust me, if I could rock a ski jacket every day of the year with no consequences and have a bunch in totally wild colors I would do it. Although, that would never happen on a Summer day in SoCal. I would be sweating buckets.

Neon Jacket Timelapse

I don't know about you but one of my favorite things on clothing is when a brand puts a lot of attention into small details like tags, or stitching in different colors. SuperDry is one of my favorite brands for this reason. They think about everything from the labels to the cuffs, even including extras like tags for their logo even when it's not necessary. They do it in an artful way that jives for me.

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