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Be Diligent or Be a Failure

Personal Responsibility, part 2. How do designers fail to display diligence and what are some practical tips to improve?

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Are You A Responsible Designer?

This is the first in a four part series on Personal Responsibility, a conservative trait that every designer can use.

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Designer of NASA Logo Passes Away

Bruce Blackburn, the designer of the NASA worm logo has passed away. His Brand Standards books are a must-read...

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FIGHT THE Tiny TyrantS

All of these posters are part of a personal project. They are free to download and use however you want! Just click and it's yours! Copyright CC0. No need to credit.

Project Showcase

5-Minute Videos

Promotional video content and cover art made for 5-Minute Videos produced by PragerU.

Project coming soon

The Book Club with Michael Knowles

Cover art designed for The Book Club with Michael Knowles, produced by PragerU.

Project coming soon

Back The Blue Campaign

Grassroots campaign social content designed for PragerU's #BackTheBlue campaign which generated national support for police officers in the U.S.

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Sage Bill Theater Program

Printed theater program for Sage Hill School's 2016 academic year.

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Sprig THC Soda

Logo and packaging revamp for Sprig, an independent THC soda company.

Project coming soon

Candace Owens Show

Original title and logo concepts for the Candace Owens Show, produced by PragerU.

Project coming soon

original character designs

My original characters created as part of a personal project to draw a character per day and publish them to Instagram.

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