Concert Vibes

This one was inspired by a Bastille concert that I went to with my wife... but here's a fun fact: sometimes you decide to make a book with all your art and realize you need to write back stories to all the drawings. Which is fun and all for sure... for a few minutes. But then you focus up and say "hey, you need to get this done. People are going to buy this book. They're going to love it maybe. And they are going to scan the QR code that goes in the book with this picture and land on this page and you need to impress them with your literary prowess so that they will say in turn, "wow! not only can he draw, but he can write too. What a guy!'" Then you also think you better be safe. Put in some Lorem Ipsum to fill out the page and get the layout going nicely. Then you get back to plugging away at your writing. Or do you? Turns out no. Turns out that you will leave roughly twenty of your drawings with the Lorem Ipsum still on it. Then your father-in-law will call you because he scanned the QR code because he likes this particular drawing but like most people he cannot read Lorem Ipsum - no one can. So I scrambled to fix it. Just now. At the time of this writing. This is what happened. Learn from my mistakes.

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