Blind Hunter

Funny story about this one. It's obviously a bit dark and so might think I'd have drawn it somewhere private - like at home. However, I actually like to draw in places like coffee shops, particularly coffee shops in bookstores, most often in Barnes & Noble, and more specifically the Barnes & Noble at South Coast Plaza (which is no longer there) or the Barnes & Noble at The Grove (which I don't go to because LA is a hell hole). However I drew this one a while ago at the cafe in the Barnes & Noble at the Americana in Glendale. It started off as a character with cool swooping hair but then it kept evolving, getting darker and then I added the knife and then before you know it we have a blindfold and maybe blood but also maybe red paint but let's be honest it's probably blood that's what were all thinking. So then I've got this drawing of a blind hunter with this blade and I know we're asking ourselves "Did he stab his eyes out?" I can't help you with that, any more than I could prevent the horrified looks on the faces of these high school girls that were apparently sitting at the table over and watching me draw it.

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