90s Vibes

This is another project that was primarily inspired by a piece of clothing I saw someone wearing. This time is was a striped white shirt that made me think of the 1990s, which is when I was born and grew up. To me the 90s are a pristine era, most likely because I was a kid. But even so, when I think about the general atmosphere there was genuinely much less social animosity than there is today. Probably riding the high that came from the 1980s under Reagan. I feel really bad for kids who have to grow up today, where there are strong influences trying to sexualize them, or undermine their relationship with their own parents, or teach them to be confused about their gender. I don't think that I'm going to let my own kids be exposed to the internet culture that feeds these messages. I never needed that as a kid, and spent a lot of my time drawing, riding my bike, or reading books and magazines. The internet is great, but right now its full of threats to a proper childhood. So when I drew this I was in the mindset of how fun and carefree the 90s always felt to me, and I would like to see more kids getting to enjoy that type of experience.

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