Mafia Grunt

What inspired this guy was a hat I saw in downtown LA at the fabric district. They were selling snapbacks but instead of a stitched design on the front, they had these panels that looked bolted onto the hat. I'm sure you've seen them around. They got popular. Anyway, so I got this idea that he would be a cigar smoking mafia thug with a tommy gun. I'm not sure how I settled on him being in a yellow-orange but maybe I only had those colors with me when I colored it in. The sad part though is that this is one of the drawings that got stolen, so I never did a high-res scan. This is just a photo taken, which is why you can see a bit of distortion of you look closely.

Mafia Grunt Time Lapse

Too bad that it never gets that cold in southern California. It would be fun to wear this kind of jacket with a big ass collar. But I'll probably never smoke a cigar like this guy.

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