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Word Life Yoga Identity

Word Life Yoga is a Philadelphia-based yoga and training instruction company. I met its founder, Alex Jeffers, when I as at UCLA. A few years later we reconnected for a straight-forward branding job when he started Word Life Yoga. He was great to work with and I'm super gratified that 6 years later his business has grown and he's still using our original design.

The idea behind the brand was to meld yoga with urban street. The brand was for your average cosmopolitan person looking to develop a sense of community and spirituality while building their fitness. With those things in mind, I looked at a variety of inspirations that wouldn't necessarily fit with a conventional yoga aesthetic. City photography, asphalt, and band posters were the driving forces behind the design. We also wanted the brand to feel fun and friendly, so we discussed trying a few designs with a friendly character or face.

The logo we finally landed on was a really fun one for me. From a purely technical standpoint there is a lot I would adjust about it in hindsight. However, it captured that fun flare we wanted and is pretty versatile. In order to capture the rough feeling of a city, I ended up carving the logo out of rubber and stamping it to get a nice gritty outcome that I couldn't have done on the computer. I still have the original print and stamp by the way!

What we made:

3 rounds of logo and color refinement.

Business card.

Short style guide.

First Round Logo Development

In the first round of logo development I tried out 6 different directions. The funny thing looking at it now, is that I should have explored the hand design as a logo all on its own.

Second Round Logo Development

In the second round, Alex and I narrowed the options and began fiddling with color direction. You can see at this point that I had created the stamp to add texture to the round option. We also swapped in a hat on the smiling character because it felt more urban than the bandana. Lastly, we simplified the third option by removing the hands. I think that was a big help. The lotus flower had become a standard element in all the designs by this point as well.

Final Logo + Secondary + Tertiary Placements

In the third round we pinned down the colors. Alex had also come up with a slogan that we added into the design. Lastly, we ironed out a few tertiary placements for the logo and slogan.

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