Baseball Kid

Batter up! Here's a fun fact for you: I broke my skull when I was 18 pitching in a baseball game. This dude hit a line drive right back in my face. Despite that, I still like baseball but I think that they should get rid of aluminum bats at all levels. Why? Because there are only benefits to playing with wooden bats. Firstly, because using a wooden bat teaches players to be better batters. Whereas you can swing at a bad pitch and make good contact with an aluminum bat, a wooden bat has a much smaller sweet spot that trains batters to have a better eye. Wooden bats also break, so there's a downside to being swing-happy. Secondly, this also makes the game more fair between pitchers and batters. A pitcher needs to learn to take advantage of those qualities in a wooden bat. With aluminum bats, the pitcher's only option is to overwhelm batters with un-hittable pitches instead of crafty pitching. That leads to arm injuries, more hit batters, and frankly-speaking it's not a successful strategy for pitchers anyway. With an aluminum bat in the game, players are less-developed and pitchers are placed in serious danger.

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