Why Donald Trump is still our President

I’m resolved in #2021 to use my personal art for patriotic conservative messages. @realdonaldtrump has my back - do not concede and force the @gop members in congress to do their job by overturning fraudulent election results. Senator Ted Cruz is helping to fight already but there should be unanimous support from the republicans. What are they afraid of? It’s obvious that the vast majority of Americans support Trump. He’s Gallup’s most admired man and Joe Biden is... who knows and who cares as far as anyone is concerned. I wear my #magahat and I can tell you from the huge positive responses I’m getting even in #losangeles that Americans are overwhelmingly with President Trump. We cannot let the criminal Democrats and their Beijing bosses steal election. If you are a patriot then please stand with our real president. Keep a stiff back and send support his way. #wethepeople decided this election, not the election fraudsters in the Democrat-Dominion complex. It may be that we lose because of weak Republicans in Congress but we will not lose because we gave up. I don’t think #donaldtrump is going to give up either. It’s time to fight hardest. It’s never time not to fight. I’m writing now for you artists who want a great America. Turn out your best art now supporting our country, our flag, and our real President. You can’t be idle on this - the left is making art so YOU need to make art. Let’s rally behind the people’s president, the #constitution and a nation of the people, for the people, by the people. I’m still not tired of winning. ‍