What Does Evil Design Look Like?

You might have seen all of the new children's books being produced that promote leftism. These books are intended to begin brainwashing at an extremely young age, but the A Little Book About series takes this to an entirely new level. This is hands down one of the most disgusting things I've seen in the design world to-date.

What is A Kids Book About?

It's a website that sells multiple series of leftwing propaganda books targeting children from newborns up to 9 year-olds. I know this isn't that surprising but you need to take a serious look at what these books are about. For example, what would you say are the most important topics to teach your children when they are toddlers? Maybe things like honesty, fairness, not to be selfish, and things like that. When you read A Little Book About's slogan, "Embrace toddlerhood's most essential topics." you might therefor be astounded to hear titles like A Kids Book About Racism, A Kids Book About Sexual Abuse, A Kids Book About White Privilege, A Kids Book About Being Transgender, A Kids Book About Death, and A Kids Book About Suicide. These are all plastered across their website like they are just the most delightful little stories your children need to read. I don't know about you but a 5-year old, which is the average age of the children for which these books are written, should not be exposed to these topics.

These Aren't Really Children's Books

It's hard to say that any healthy parent or caretaker would ever buy these books. And yet there are plenty of people who will. The question is why? The answer lies in the fact that these are not really books for kids. They are books for activist parents and teachers, who need to replace otherwise healthy children's books like Dr. Seuss, Mother Goose, Aesop's Fables, and other widely-known fairy tails. The design of the books alone should tell you this. A Kids Book About features a minimalist style that does not appeal to children in any way. A Kids Book About as much as admits this, saying "We make kids books that matter. There are no dragons, silly bears, or cute tales about princesses. Only the challenging, empowering, and important topics that kids experience every day." Sorry, but if your child is experiencing the topic of Suicide or Sexual Abuse every day, then you should be investigated and they should be removed from your home. That they scoff at the idea of time-tested children's story staples tells you that the makers of A Kids Book About aren't interested in what kids want. But it does appeal to a twenty-something leftist who is both trendy and looking to promote the cause. Do they oversee children? Boom. The perfect target audience.

Leftists Are Child Abusers

That's not to say that the left would mind if a child actually did pick up these books and read them. Child abuse is the core principle of leftism, and there's no better way to damage a child than to alter their development by introducing disturbing concepts at an early age which they have no way to comprehend. I'm going to go bold here and say that there is ZERO benefit to giving a book about suicide or sexual abuse to a 5 year old. The fact that this organization is doing just that indicates a perverted mindset - the exact mindset of a pedophile who grooms an innocent child by exposing them to adult situations they can't grasp and normalizing their abuse. It's hard to really understand why a person would introduce a child to these books without intending to make them even more susceptible.

This Should Be a Wake Up Call

Probably the worst aspect of the A Kids Book About series is just how slick the presentation is. The whole concept screams perversion, but the design says professional. That's just how scary the left is becoming. That's the fight we're all up against: proud perverts who are coming for your children. Not only are they making content to twist the minds of children long before they are old enough to know any better, they no longer feel the need to bury it under a veneer of legitimacy. Just look at the design of these books! Can they be more open about their intention? In my opinion, those who crafted these books are the scum of the design world. They completely undermine the point of design: to bring order and beauty into the world. But they don't even feel a proper shame for what they've done - and who knows? They may even win an award or get featured in a creative quarterly. That's a real problem.