The Art Free America newsletter launches

Art Free America's First Issue!

Thank you for signing up right here at the beginning with the very first issue of Art Free America. Why did I need to start this newsletter? I mean, there are plenty of reasons NOT to. I'm already a busy person, I don't make enough time to work out, I don't spend enough time with my friends and family, and I probably don't sleep enough. But here's the thing: Someone needs to speak up about the issues of leftism in the world of Art and Design. Someone needs to encourage liberty-loving artists to be brave. It's important. So let me break it down for you in 3 ways:

Reason Number 1

I wanted somewhere I could write and share my thoughts about Design, Art and Liberty. The only place I could do so before was on social media. However, recent events have shown me that relying on social media to be that place is a huge mistake. I have no idea how long those platforms will be available for publishing so I decided to launch now (even if things are a bit work in progress). Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram proved that they do not care about open, free dialogue. This should bother artists and there needs to be an outlet for artists whose message goes against the grain on those platforms.

Reason Number 2

I want to promote a healthy, robust discussion rather than in-fighting. Designers who post patriotic messages are unfortunately attacked on Instagram, most of all by other designers. So there's a bias within our own community on these platforms. Data backs it up: a recent PEW study found that among Instagram users who regularly get their news from the platform, 64% consider themselves Democrat or Democrat-leaning. I promise you that if you selected from only designers it's much higher. It's great for social media companies, but it really destroys the designers and artists. I want to promote a positive dialogue on design rather than feed an extremely negative discourse.

Reason Number 3

What if I told you that Design and Art have a higher purpose in America than being the lapdogs of leftwing ideology? Don't tell your art school professors but it's true. Your design ethos can actually be rooted in something other than "Neo-Marxist Cultural Dialectics." It's pretty old to keep seeing tired content from designers about being "radical" and "enacting change." What about promoting Patriotism, love of country, good morals, and beauty? I'd like to have a bit more of that in the world. You have no idea how many people messaged me in 2020 saying that they wish they could come out and promote these good values if only they wouldn't be alienated from their designer friends. We can change that. This newsletter can change it.

I hope you'll think of this newsletter as a two-way street. I'd really like to get YOUR thoughts on all these issues. Please send me feedback on the art and writing featured here. Nothing will make me happier than to hear from you!