Dear Designers, You Need to Stop Feeding the Leftwing Beast.

Free flow thoughts about designers who are afraid to speak their mind in defense of their country.

I’m a graphic designer who grew up in Southern California. For most of my life I knew people who were both conservative and liberal. Most were conservative, and you always knew the liberals because they each had a pet cause. That thing which they would go completely brainless over. For example there were people who were emotionally overcome by a handful of sad stories about the plight of illegal immigrants. While they were moved by individual stories of people escaping hardships, they never really wanted to recognize that illegal immigration as a whole leads to sex trafficking, organized crime, etc. Nope. On this one thing it was about emotion only. Really it was just a thing for them to feel virtuous because they never really did anything about the world issues they were invested in. You always kind of knew that it was a crazy passion project but at least they were mostly normal people. There was no way their crazy side would ever be mainstream…

But it turns out that it could become mainstream and now things are really out of control. It’s so frustrating to see what is being done to my home state and country by the left. There are literally places that I used to like to hang out when I was a teenager that I hate going anymore because of how much has been ruined by leftism. I don’t mean that they are covered in turd or mobbed by hobo vagrants and crime, although that’s another commonality now. I mean that the people are insufferable walking, talking, social justice zombies. You have to monitor everything you say unless you’re looking for a fight with some pissed-off, entitled tween.

It’s all become normalized and in large part that’s thanks to designers playing along in spite of their beliefs. America is the greatest country on earth. That shouldn’t be controversial. It’s not to most people, but a lot of them are designers who just put their head down and keep plugging along on their latest assignment: another hate-America propaganda project. It’s you guys who are helping to brainwash Americans, and don’t pretend like that isn’t eating away at your conscience.

I get messages all the time from other designers who tell me that they wish they could speak up but they fear to lose their jobs, friends, or be alienated by family. We’re not special in that. It’s the common theme of ostricization that is normal in every part of life thanks to leftwing dominance. Nearly everyone is now grappling with the idea that if they act themselves and behave rationally, it risks excommunication. The thing is, I actually think we should all be taking that risk. In other words, the obstacle is the way forward.

I see my role as more than just a designer. I want to encourage everyone feeling cowed in the design community to step back and think: If we turn the tide, your friends and family will probably take you back. If you get fired, there are tons of employers out there who need your talents and don’t want to see America fail. But if you keep passing the buck, you’ll have to live a double life with a secret schism dividing you from your family and you’ll never really be proud of the work you do.

Here’s a tough realization: the left is never going to stop. It is a greedy, devouring belief system that needs to create enemies and churn society into a visceral froth. Every day that you sit there at your keyboard saying “not today, maybe tomorrow or maybe next year…” you’re handing over small victories to nourish the beast. Eventually it’s going to gobble you up. Wouldn’t you rather die fighting it than feeding it?

When the Nazis took over Germany, Goebbels knew the power of designers and the media to normalize evil ideas. When the Soviets took over Russia they did too. So did Mao during China’s cultural revolution. Unfortunately for the designers who kept their heads down then, it was finally too late. Those who valued free expression were shipped off. Only the ones who were true believers got to stay and make the propaganda posters which promised a completely fictional utopia. Have you noticed that every socialist state has promotional art that looks the same? It’s because variety and free expression have been squashed. I’m pretty sure that’s not what YOU want, but I’m worried you won’t try to fight back until it’s too late for us too.

What you’ve got to do is to pick the small fights and never let an opportunity pass you by. Stop saying “this isn’t the hill I want to die on.” You need to tell your boss, supervisor, clients, friends, family, and even that crazy mask-nazi lady at the grocery store, “Not today. Don’t even try. I’m not towing the line.” So what if you miss out on that job offer? Did you really want to design a website about how great Critical Race Theory is? Who cares if you get thrown out of the grocery store? Go back tomorrow when you need something and make them do it again, and again, and again, and again. Wear them down day after day. In other words, if we’re bound to lose, at least make the left earn it.

How can you say you have values if you’re always compromising them? There’s literally nothing worse than using your unique abilities to betray your beliefs. Don’t do it. Life will go on and you will experience the taste of freedom. I wish every designer out there would realize that RIGHT NOW, stand up at their desk and say “I’m done with this. I actually love America and I won’t be a part of the problem.” I’m not afraid to say it or pick a fight over it. America needs you to be like that too. That’s really why I design.