2021 Should Be a Year of Fighting for Freedom

#happynewyear to you all and adios to 2020. I'm sure you have all kinds of resolutions but if they don't include "refusing to wear masks," and "refusing to social distance," then your list is incomplete. What did we have in 2020? Well the virus scandal and loss of freedom, we had the riots by the black lives matter, antifa, and democratic socialists of America terrorist groups, we had the largest election fraud in history by the democrats, and American views have been increasingly suppressed by communists in big tech. There are a lot of ways that 2021 can be a better year BUT it starts with you. I hope no one reading this is avoiding friends or family on New Year's Eve because they were told to by tyrants. Are you going to enable tyranny or be a thorn in its side? It's the time to choose.